Bowl Food Menu

Bowl food dishes are the new canapes!

Bowl Food is the perfect choice for informal events, it is a ‘mini’ version of main courses served in small bowls which allow guests to mingle and socialize in a very similar way to a canape reception.

This is an increasingly popular choice as it is a more substantial alternative to canapes and something less formal than a sit-down meal. Therefore it’s the perfect choice if you want something a little different for your guests.

Our Bowl Food catering menu at Sanjay Foods is inspired by food all across the world and we always focus on picking the finest seasonal ingredients. All our bowls will fit into the palm of your hands so they are easy to hold and they are filled with an exciting range of beautifully presented dishes.

Our chefs enjoy being creative and innovative with the food we design and how we present it.

Indian and Oriental Bowl Food

Western Bowl Food