Street Food Menu

Street food is a growing trend at almost any event. It is quick, easy and ready-to-eat food or drink sold on the streets of almost every city across the world. Street food varies across regions and cultures from fresh and light food in Vietnam to fiery and pungent in Thailand. It is sold by a vendor usually from a portable food booth or food cart.

Mumbai is especially known for its variety of distinctive street foods. Here people of all social economic classes will savour this food at all hours, making it more popular here than other parts of India.

Vegetarian Street food is much more common with the likes of Pani Puri, Bhelpuri, Sevpuri and Pav Bhaji to name a few whilst Vada Pav is the most popular and Indo-Chinese dishes are following. Meat street food which includes Omelette-pav, Kebabs and Fish are amongst the favourites for the locals.

When it comes to sweet treats, you can find vendors for a variety of Kulfi’s (ice creams) and Gola’s (snow cones), almost everywhere in India. As well as snacks, Mumbai has juice and milkshake bars on the roadside and they are nothing short of Sugarcane juice vendors and tea vendors around the city.

Street food dishes are becoming increasing popular because it is flavourful food which represents authentic local cuisine and what better than seeing the food being prepared right in front of you and enjoying eating it. It also promotes an enhanced dining experience, allowing a social atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.