Gujarati Cuisine typically refers to the cuisine of Gujarat, a state in Western India. Traditional Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian, despite having an extensive coastline providing wholesome seafood.

A traditional, authentic Gujarati offering, mostly consists of Daal, Bhat (boiled rice), Shak, Rotli/Puri’s and a small sweet dish. The food is traditionally served in stainless steel dishes, known as thali’s, consisting of individual compartments or bowls for a selection of various dishes. The idea of this is to offer all the different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on a single plate. This is usually a staple meal consumed in Western India. Most dishes usually have a very subtle taste that makes it truly distinctive from other Indian cuisines. It is common to add a little sugar or Gor to some of the vegetable dishes and dal, as it neutralises the slightly bland taste of the vegetables. These dishes also tend to be lighter and more sophisticated that the typical creamy, coconut-laden curries used in other Indian recipes.

A typical Gujarati breakfast or as we call it Naashto consists of dishes like thepla, usually eaten with homemade pickle, as well as deep fried snack foods such as sev, khakhra, whilst a traditional Sunday breakfast consists of Jelebi and gathia.

Gujarati dishes have a wide variety of Farsan, side dishes that accompany the main meal, such as dhokla, khandvi and handvo to name a few. These dishes generally are drizzled with vaghaar, a blend of spices purified in hot oil to enhance the flavour.

The prominence of ingredients such as ghee, besan or gram flour, lentils, sesame seeds and yogurt is what also sets Gujarati dishes apart from others.

When it comes to sweets, Keri no ras, Shrikand, Gaajar halwo and Gulab jambu are amongst some of the favourites and are often an important feature of a full course gujarati meal during special occasions.

Whilst dishes like, papdi chaat, kachori chaar and samosa chaat are some of the most popular snacks across Gujarat.

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