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Pakistani cuisine is a refined blend of various regional cooking traditions of South Asia and it usually consists of a blend of Indian, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern cooking techniques creating a distinctive mix of complex flavours and is more meat-orientated.

The influence of Pakistani cuisine also dates back to the 16th century, when the Mongol Empire began ruling, as this introduced the cooking style of Mughlai, which is typically characterised by the prominent use of herbs and spices, Almonds and Raisins, with Tandoori chicken being amongst the most popular.

They extensively use pomegranate seeds in some meat dishes as it adds a sweet, sour note and reflects Middle Eastern influence. A famous Pakistani dish is Haleem, which is a mix of pulses, meat and spices that is slow cooked for up to eight hours and is served with lemon, coriander and ginger.

As with most Indian cuisines, rice and wheat are the most common bases of Pakistani foods. Pakistan is also the birthplace of the tandoor oven, which is predominantly used to cook a selection of the bread and is generally considered a bread culture, with it being eaten at almost every meal, from naan to Chapatis as well as Paratha and Puri. Pakistani rice is ranked as the best, with dishes like the classic Biriyani, a combination of spiced rice, with meat or chicken and often includes vegetables.

A typical Pakistani breakfast locally called ‘halva puri’, consists of any form of eggs with a slice of bread or Roti, Kulcha with Chole as well as seasonal fruits. Breakfast is only complete with a sweet cardamom-laced semolina Halva and a hot cup of chai.

A Pakistani lunch typically consists of a meat curry along with rice or roti. Whilst Daal Chawal is among one of the most common dishes taken at lunch, other popular dishes are Chicken Karahi and Aloo Gosht.

Dinner will have more savoury dishes such as biriyani, pulao, kofte, kebabs and even korma, as well as lentils a dinnertime staple all of which is served along with roti or naan, yogurt, pickle and salad.

Pakistani street food can be anything from pakoras to samosas, biriyanis, chicken tikkas, kebab rolls and even fresh naans.

Although this cuisine is predominantly made of meat, most meals will also include cooked lentils and vegetables.  Grilled meat is often enjoyed by most, with Kebabs becoming a staple item in Pakistani cuisines such as Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka and Shami Kebab as some of the favourites.

Dishes such as Korma and Nehari are amongst some of the more popular dishes enjoyed during special occasions such as weddings, dinners and parties. Weddings are also not complete without a variety of barbequed meats, slow-cooked curries and rich aromatic biriyanis, all of which are usually finished off with saffron, pistachios, mint or rose water.

Our entire Pakistani menu made here at Sanjay Foods is Halal certified.

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