Finding an Indian Wedding Planner – Making the perfect choice in 2022

An Indian wedding is not just a wedding. It’s also an incredible feast. If you have an Indian wedding, there are multiple things that you have to consider. Weddings are not easy to manage since they are a once-in-a-lifetime affair and people are just not ready to compromise on them under most circumstances. 

Indian weddings are unique to most wedding ceremonies since they are not a one-day function. A wedding can include multiple traditional and cultural events, including a sangeet, mehndi, Haldi, etc. Different cultures in an Indian wedding have different types of wedding rituals and events. 

Having an Indian wedding can be a fun experience, even if you’re not an Indian. People who aren’t Indian also go to an Indian wedding simply because of all the incredible celebrations they offer. If you are finding an Indian wedding planner for your wedding, rest assured that you are making the perfect choice in 2022. 

Indian weddings are becoming very popular. However, there are some aspects that you need to keep in mind when finding the perfect Indian wedding planner for your special day. Some factors that you just cannot ignore include: 

  1. Your Budget

Your budget is the first thing you must consider while choosing the right Indian wedding planner. You and your partners and your families should decide first about the budget you are willing to pay. 

You will notice a major difference in the prices of different Indian wedding planners. Some planners don’t charge as much since they’re relatively new to the industry, which means they will provide you with underwhelming decorations. 

On the other hand, some professional wedding planners might charge you a little more, but they will provide you with the best possible results at your wedding. So consider your budget carefully before choosing a wedding planner, especially if you’re willing to pay. 

  1. Authentic Wedding Reviews

The Indian wedding planner you are hiring should have authentic wedding reviews on their website. Some wedding planners will get people to post fake testimonials and reviews. 

To ensure that the reviews and testimonials are authentic, see if the testimonials posted match any of the wedding pictures they have on the website. Almost all wedding planners post pictures of the weddings they are responsible for.


Closeup of indian wedding couple holding hands,
  1. Match the Schedule 

Match your schedule with the wedding planner you are hiring. Make sure the wedding planners don’t have any other events clashing with yours. Some wedding planners promise to manage both events easily and equally, but you don’t want to take that risk.

If anything goes wrong at the last minute, how will you be able to track down your event planners? So make sure that your wedding planners do not have any other commitments that collide with your schedule. 

  1. Discuss Requirements 

Be sure of your requirements and make them known to your wedding planner. Different cultures have different events and settings to follow. Decide first if you want a completely traditional wedding or a wedding that has modern aspects added to it. 

Make all of your requirements known to the wedding planner so you have an idea if they will be able to fulfil your expectations or not. Some wedding planners are good at organising traditional weddings, while some are good at infusing traditional weddings with a more modern look. 

Discuss with your event planners to reach a point where you are sure that they can easily provide for your desired requirements. 

  1. Decide Wedding Theme

You should decide about the wedding themes before finalising them with the wedding planner. Discussing the theme is very important as you need to be sure that you follow a proper theme for your wedding. 

Some wedding planners follow specific themes such as modern or a typical colour theme such as black or golden. Discuss the ideas you have about your theme with the wedding planner, including all of the smaller details you want. 


  1. Safety Precautions

The pandemic has become a major part of our lives, which means that safety precautions should be part of your wedding planning efforts. Make sure that the wedding planners follow all the safety measures and that their staff follows PPE guidelines, when required. 

The cutlery, furniture, décor, essentials, and everything they offer you should be properly sanitised and clean. Weddings accommodate a large crowd, and you certainly do not want to have any infections or diseases infecting your guests. So, be sure that the wedding planning service follows all the necessary safety measures. 

  1. The Team and Essentials

You need to know how big the team of wedding planners will be. Independent wedding planners without the support of a full team often will not be able to serve 500 guests efficiently. So ask beforehand about the team the wedding planners have for your wedding. 

Additionally, see that they have all the necessities available for your wedding events. These essentials include everything from furniture, décor, and cutlery to food, transportation, and staff. You cannot arrange a missing requirement at the last moment. So, you should prepare for the wedding to the fullest and make sure the wedding planners provide you with all the necessary essentials.

  1. Traditional Values

The biggest reason to hire an Indian wedding planner is that they fully understand your customs, traditions, and values. Traditions and values are the essences of an Indian wedding. Therefore, you need to be sure that the wedding planners you hire understand them. 

They should understand the essence of your values. Only then they will be able to provide you with a more wholesome experience. Someone who doesn’t understand your traditions and customers can never provide the desirable results. 

Indian wedding planners are familiar with the customs of each Indian ethnicity, which is why you should discuss your values and traditions with them first. Having a discussion with them can tell you if they understand the traditions and customs of your wedding. 

  1. Best Food

Indians love their food. If you have an Indian wedding, the first thing that your relatives might be concerned about would likely be the food. Make sure to have a wedding planner service that serves food indicative of the Indian experience.

Of course, the best food doesn’t just mean the most delicious. It also means that you need to have a lot of variety for your food. Whether you are a Gujrati, Sindhi, South Indian, Punjabi, or Bengali, you can inform your wedding planner know about it. The wedding planner will then provide you with your required cuisine with delicious taste and quality. 

Food is something which you just cannot compromise on at an Indian wedding. So be sure to have top-notch food at your wedding. 


  1. Proper Management 

The best kind of wedding planner is the one who can manage everything on time or before. Everything should be managed before time to avoid any hassle and inconvenience at the last minute. If the staff members of the wedding management are rushing to get things on the day of the wedding, it will look very unprofessional but can also make the families anxious and uncomfortable. 

You should discuss with your wedding planner if they are able to cater everything on time without delays. 

  1. Peace of Mind  

A groom and a bride’s family can manage the wedding on their own as well through all means. However, the biggest reason to hire a professional wedding planner is that every detail is taken care of by the planners and the families get to enjoy the event. 

If even after hiring a wedding planning service, you have to worry about certain tasks, then there is no use in hiring a wedding service in the first place. A good wedding planner should offer you complete peace of mind, so you do not have to think about a single detail on your special day. 

Bottom Line

While booking an Indian wedding planner service, you need to keep in mind the above-mentioned factors so that you can enjoy your wedding. If you miss even a single factor from these requirements, you might have to go through a lot of inconvenience and trouble at the main event. 

So make sure to discuss all the requirements and details before booking the service, so you have a fulfilling experience of a well-planned wedding. If you think that it is hard to find all the requirements in a single wedding planning service, then we regret to inform you that you are wrong. If you are looking for a wedding planning service in the Midlands area of the UK that offers you all these services, then you can contact Sanjay Foods for a wholesome experience where they fulfil all your requirements.