Luxury isn’t all about looking the part… but it helps

They say the clothes don’t make the man, but in our industry it certainly helps. We know image is everything when it comes to luxury events, from the presentation of the food, to the décor in the venue, right down to the uniforms on the staff. We like to take things a little further when it comes to providing our staff sharp threads, and we set ourselves apart with our distinguished style; let us explain how.

Everything is dry cleaned after every use
In order to ensure fresh pristine uniforms, we have each garment dry cleaned after each wear; from the shirts down to the ties.

We hand pick high quality garments
In order to look smart and stylish, we insist our staff be in the finest and most stylish fabrics. Our shirts are made from 100% two fold cotton with a silk touch finish which gives them a supreme look. Our suit jackets are made from 100% wool along with our waistcoats, and we finish them off with silk neck or bow ties.

We update our uniforms regularly
No matter how well you treat a garment, it will deteriorate eventually. This is why we replace all our uniforms every year to ensure they maintain that smart fresh look.

We have a range of uniforms for all occasions
Not all events are the same – so why would the uniforms be? We have a wardrobe full of themed uniforms from traditional Indian Sari’s, to dazzling beaded dresses, to velvet smoking jackets. Our huge range of garments span all cultures and is constantly expanding with every event we host.

At Sanjay Foods we pride ourselves on excellence and the ability to stand out, and we feel that unique uniforms are the first step in creating that feeling of luxury that we so strive for.