What are the most popular Indian Wedding catering foods and dishes?

Have you been invited to an Indian wedding and wondered ‘what type of cuisine is offered at Indian weddings?’

There is no denying that food is one of the most significant aspects of your wedding. A wedding without food is simply not a wedding! Indian food is considered to be one of the most incredible wedding cuisines in the world! After all, an explosion of flavours can make anyone fall in love with Indian cuisine.  

So throughout this post, we’ll go over some of the most frequent Indian wedding food dishes that you may expect to see at an Indian wedding.

What Dishes Are Served At Indian Weddings?

Indian weddings are well-known for their delectable cuisine, which is served with opulent décor and exuberant celebrations. In a nutshell, a big fat Indian wedding is accompanied by a huge fat Indian wedding menu full of different flavours and mouth-watering food, such as:

Paneer Tikka

As delicious as it appears, Paneer Tikka is a hit with all ages! Garlic and ginger pastes and carom seeds are all used in this scrumptious vegetarian dish. These paneer skewers are bursting with delectable flavours, thanks to an assortment of exotic spices that will undoubtedly excite your taste buds and elevates the whole experience.

This tikka dish can be paired with any beverage of your choosing, and you’ll have the finest experience with any appetiser.

Daal Makhani

Since Daal Makhani literally translates to “buttery daal,” you can anticipate a creamy, buttery food that is typically served as a main course. It is one of the most popular food dishes at Indian weddings, but it is also one of the most preferred menu items at Punjabi weddings.

It is best served with naan or jeera rice. The popularity of daal makhani during weddings has led to it being dubbed “wedding daal.”

Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is a popular Indian dish that consists of grilled chunks of marinated chicken. It is traditionally served with naan bread and sides such as raita, onion salad, cucumber-yoghurt dip, and chutneys or pickles. The word “tikka” comes from the Persian word for “pieces.” Tikka is made by marinating pieces of chicken in yoghurt and spices before cooking them on a skewer over an open flame. Chicken tikka is an Indian dish similar in taste to tandoori chicken. Most southern Asian and Indian subcontinents claim its creation, but most agree it originated in Punjab.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a traditional Indian wedding dish that you are most likely already familiar with. Butter chicken is a dish that is typically eaten with naan, roti, or pilau rice, and it is ideal for those who don’t like hot or spicy food. 

Overall, this amazing non-vegetarian meal, which is served with a thick tomato stew with cream and butter floating on top, is a favourite at Indian weddings.


Biryani is unquestionably one of the most opulent dishes available in Indian cuisine; thus, it should come as no surprise that it is typically served on special occasions like weddings. Chicken or mutton is marinated with spices like coriander powder, cumin powder, chillies, and garam masala before it is cooked.

Gulab Jamun

In Indian marriages, it is unavoidable to have a sweet. Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian sweet that is often served on important occasions such as weddings. A few basic ingredients are required, such as khoya, milk, and sugar.

This delicious sweet is made up of spongy milky balls that have been bathed in rose-scented syrup. This goes well with whipped cream, Kulfi, or ice cream as a dessert.


Jalebi is a traditional Indian dessert that wedding guests absolutely adore. When it comes to wedding celebrations, this renowned street food has a prominent presence. The fact that it is frequently prepared in front of visitors only serves to increase its appeal.

When served scorching hot with iced rabri, the crunchy sweet spirals are really delicious. It certainly adds the ‘wow’ factor to the special event.

Tawa Mixed Veg

Usually, a mixed vegetable dish is cooked in a covered pan or sometimes in a pressure cooker. But here, the vegetables are cooked in an open flat pan. It gives the vegetables an earthy flavour and increases the taste as well. There is also no gravy in the dish. You can use a combination of vegetables in a veg tawa recipe. There is no restriction over it. Every vegetable available in the market, you can put into the recipe. You can try adding different flavours to the recipe. It is that versatile. Also, we use bitter gourd in this dish. As a catering company, we understand most people don’t like the bitter taste and avoid eating it. You can use salt & curd or salt to at least lessen the bitterness. You can have Tawa Mixed Veg with roti, chapati, or just as it is.

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